BeWithU - Mayday


It’s not a charity, but a platform to make everything charitable.

BeWithU is a new concept in the world of doing social good. If we want to solve the world?s problems faster, we cannot depend on conventional one-to-one partnerships, we need to get everyone to think social good in everything we do.

Everyone has hobbies, passions, and people they admire. Wouldn?t it be great if many of our everyday actions – or even some novel actions – could bring benefit to the world in some way?

By connecting the events people love (concerts, festivals, etc) with the causes they support, BeWithU delivers the perfect opportunity for audiences to discover the businesses that care.

We are honoured to have the support of Mayday – the mega-band out of Taiwan, who are encouraging their fans to come out, join us, and take a simple action to make the world a better place!

How Can I Join?

As a Volunteer

The ABC's: is the place to connect with the events you love to Attend, support the causes you Believe in, and discover businesses that Care. Each of the platform's actions that you take not only earn you a reward, but also make a difference in the world!

As a Business

Change the way you promote your business! Join us in developing new opportunities to engage the audience that you want while showing what you stand for. Don't let "Brand Identity" be just a buzzword!

As a Cause

Connect with a group of volunteers who care and are more than willing to take action! Build your networks of both supporting individuals and businesses and gain the freedom to pursue your primary mandate.

As an Artist

Join the platform and express your support - enhance your impact and lead your fan base by example. Connect with a new audience and help them appreciate your work like never before!