Action 1
Love, Binti

“Love, Binti” is collecting unwanted flannels and fleeces to craft reusable sanitary pads to be donated to girls in Kenya. If you have unwanted materials at home, either bring them to the festival or head over to TAIWANfest and learn how to craft these simple yet life-saving items from home!

How to Complete: Take one of the following actions to count this Action as completed!
(1) Make reuseable pads at home and send to Love, Binti station at TAIWANfest.
(2) Sign up to become a volunteer for Love, Binti at TAIWANfest.
(3) Sew reuseable pads with volunteer at Love, Binti station.
(4) Write a card at Love, Binti station to send blessing.

Action Location: Love Binti station at TAIWANfest @Harbourfront Centre
Action Date: 8/26, 27

Reward: Complete this action and register with BeWithU to be eligible for one entry in a draw for a Toronto Mayday concert!